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Sense & Sensuality

Coaching . Bodywork . Art

I’m a Berlin based conscious sex educator, bodyworker and performing artist with a passion for dance. I work with people of all genders and backgrounds, with singles, couples or groups. Focusing on your individual topics, I offer you a space to experience your body and your sensuality. To support you in exploring erotic self-empowerment.

I love holding space for embodied experience and pleasurable purpose.


“Thank you Sara. It was a very powerful beautiful experience. She is kind and gorgeous and patient and loving and we had a wonderful time.” 

Laura and John

“Again, I wanted to thank you from the depth of my heart. 

The experiences that I had this week were profound and left a significant impression on my mind and heart. I felt feelings that I had long forgotten and I sensed touch that I never sensed before. I feel that I am alive again. You are unique, warm, loving, caring and beautiful.”