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In coaching or bodywork sessions and in workshops I work with people of all genders ages and backgrounds, with singles, couples or groups. Focusing on your individual topics, I offer you a space to experience your body and your sensuality, or to support you in exploring your personal desires.


We live in a society that is shaped by a performative, goal-oriented attitude towards sexuality, full of shame and taboo. Often we are discouraged to explore our sexuality, preventing us from discovering how to live and inhabit our bodies in a loving and nourishing way. I learned how hard it can be to discover my truth about love, body, sexuality and relationship, when confronted with structural taboos, fears and judgements, shame, pain and stigma.

Knowing our needs, wishes and curiosities, and learning to communicate about this confidently, can help us to enjoy an authentic sexuality, and enhance our contact and connection with others.

I accompany you in discovering your curiosities, your sensuality and your sensibility, ultimately witnessing, encouraging and celebrating the change you´d like to invite into your life.

In a coaching session we can together find:

  • answers to your questions about sexuality
  • ways to reflect and integrate your own truth and speak honestly about sex
  • ways to explore your wishes, desires and turn ons
  • possibilities to enhance your erotic experience
  • an open conversation about the “lack” or the “loss” of libido
  • ways to create a positive and pleasurable body-image
  • your way to enhance the sexuality in your partnership
  • ways to create an honest and trustful communication with lovers and partners
  • ways to work with sexual challenges or problems
  • ways to create a positive relationships towards porn-consumption
  • an open conversation about BDSM / Kink / fetish or other aspects and areas of eroticism
  • practical or embodied exercises for your present topic
  • education and information about certain sexual practices and techniques

As a conscious sex educator I offer an embodied sex-positive approach. Drawing from my own experience with dance, theatre, tantra, kink and bdsm, and non-conformative relationships, I acknowledge the diverse, meandering and queer expressions of sexuality and contact. My work is pleasure and process oriented, meaning I am interested rather in the journey than reaching a fixed goal. 

Whether you know already what it is I can help you discover, or if you have a general curiosity to explore your sexuality, whether you need help in a relationship, or if there is a certain technique or practice you want to get to know: talking freely about sex can be a liberating experience. That is the work I love to do

Our bodies are magical containers of sensations, emotions and memories. Through conscious touch and massage, blockages and restrictions can melt away, helping you to enter into a space of surrender, deep relaxation and trustful care.

It is from this place of trust, that I guide you into an experience of discorvering a whole spectrum of sensations, a wide variety of touch and tenderness.

Inspired by tantric and taoist teachings, you can learn about how the breath, the voice and movement can intensify the sensations in your body and soul.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 I am currently not able to offer sessions with touch.



I create and teach workshops in the areas of embodiment, conscious kink, contact, playful artistic expression, and social group processes.

I have presented at festivals, seminars and communities across Europe. If you are interested in collaborating, please contact me.



SLOW SWEAT is the first edition of


an independent initiative from SEXUALIDAD&SOMATICAS and colleagues that came together with the intention of creating support for the artistic, sexual and somatic culture of Berlin; extending the invitation to the interested community around the world.